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First Day of ITA's Success for Roo Singles

First Day of ITA's Success for Roo Singles

Follow all results on the live Google Doc Draw HERE

GEORGETOWN, Tx - The Austin College Women's Tennis Team travelled to the campus of Southwestern University for the 2015 ITA Southwest Regional Championship Tournament.

  The Roos bolstered their largest A-Draw field in recent history with 4 women's tennis players in the main draw of 64 and 2 doubles teams in the draw of 32.  Unfortunately all would fall in their first round matches, and while doubles is a single-elimination format, Meghan White and Grace Ortiz were able to capitalize on their second life.

  In the B Draw competition, Katie Barber won her first match before falling to a tough Hardin-Simmons opponent, Anamariia Kheveli, seeded fourth in the tournament, advanced to the second round by default, but was upset by a McMurry Warhawk in the second round.  Carlye Lide, Magan Green, and Brenna McCown were all unable to close out on close matches in their first rounds, but both Lide and Green made their way to Day 2 by wins in the consolation bracket.

  Lide and Barber were the only doubles team to get a win on Day 1 as all three other 'Roos fell in the first round, but the tandem were unable to find their footing against their Hardin-Simmons opponents in Round 2 of the B Draw.

  Play begins again tomorrow morning at 9am with White and Ortiz in A-Draw Consolation and Green/Lide squaring off in B-Draw Consolation.

A Draw Singles


R1 Kayla Casey (ETBU) def. Kate Willis (AC) 6-1, 6-0

R1 Ashwini Kulkarni (UTD) def. Grace Ortiz (AC) 6-3, 6-3

R1 Hannah Warren (UMHB) def. Meghan White (AC) 6-1, 6-3

R1 Taite Drews Jones (SWU) def. Kirsten Weber (AC) 6-3, 7-5


CR1 Madison Dyer (TLU) def. Kate Willis (AC) 6-2, 6-1

CR1 Grace Ortiz (AC) def. Elizabeth Ostroff (UMHB) 6-3, 4-6, 1-0 (4)

CR1 Meghan White (AC) def. Ram Ritz (McM) 6-0, 6-1

CR1 Kate Bramlett (ETBU) def. Kirsten Weber (AC) 6-4, 6-1


B Draw Singles


R1 Sarah Walker (HC) def. Brenna McCown (AC) 6-3, 6-0

R1 Laura Weinheimer (HSU) def. Carlye Lide (AC) 6-1, 5-7, 1-0 (6)

R1 Erin Tsai (TU) def. Magan Green (AC) 6-1, 6-3

R1 Katie Barber (AC) def. Breana Hunt (HPU) 6-0, 6-1

R1 Anamariia Kheveli (AC) def. BYE


R2 Kacie Berutti (HSU) def. Katie Barber (AC) 6-4, 6-4

R2 Zayra Gomez (McM) def. Anamariia Kheveli (AC) 6-3, 6-2


CR1 Victoria Kniffen (UTT) def. Brenna McCown (AC) 6-0, 6-3

CR1 Carlye Lide (AC) def. Genesis Carreon (CTX) 6-1, 6-1

CR1 Magan Green (AC) def. Desjha Ellis (ETBU) 6-1, 6-4


A Draw Doubles


R1 Weinheimer/Ellison (HSU) def. White/Ortiz (AC) 8-3

R1 Musngi/Blacketer (UTT) def. Weber/Willis (AC) 8-1


B Draw Doubles


R1 Sedory/Kelly (UMHB) def. Green/Kheveli (AC) 9-8 (5)

R1 Lide/Barber (AC) def. Munox/Gomez (McM) 8-5


R16 Beruitti/Carlson (HSU) def. Barber/Lide (AC) 8-2